Dale Chihuly at the Desert Botanical Gardens 2014

The Chihuly in the Garden exhibit has returned in 2014 to the Desert Botanical Gardens in Phoenix Arizona.  The exhibit has all new sculptures since it appeared at the gardens in 2009.

I have already visited the exhibit four times since it opened in late 2013 and will go many more times before it closes on May 18, 2014. I just can not get enough of it.

Here are some photos I have taken of the 2014 version of the Dale Chihuly exhibit.


Chihuly boat with colorful glass sculptures

Floating boat filled with colorful glass

Pink and white Chihuly glass sculpture

Pink & White Glass Sculpture


Glass sculpture and cactus

Yellow Chihuly Sculpture growing among the cactus


Chihuly Blue Glass Icebergs at the Desert Botanical Gardens

Blue glass icebergs floating in the pond


Dale Chihuly blue glass sculpture

Blue Glass Sculpture among the desert plants


Glass sculpture representing the sun

Close up of “The Sun” sculpture


Chihuly blue star sculpture

Close up of the Blue Star Sculpture


Saguaro Cactus with Chihuly Glass

The Moon, A Saguaro and Chihuly


Chihuly Glass Cactus - Red & Yellow

Red & Yellow Chihuly Glass Cactus


Chihuly blue and white star

Blue and White Glass Star


Sun Sculpture by Dale Chihuly at sunset

The Sun Sculpture is lit up at night.


To see photos of the 2009 exhibit Click Here.



  • The Exhibit until May 18, 2014.
  • Entrance fees are $22 for Adults, $20 for Seniors, $12 for Students and $10 for Children. Free for members.
  • Visit the gardens website for more information.



  1. says

    Awesome photos. We wanted to visit his garden when we were in Seattle but we were staying with an artist and she said he wasn’t a very nice person and hadn’t done much for the community. They wanted to donate some of the ticket entry to charity but he said no, or something like that. Anyway, we didn’t end up going.

  2. says

    We just went to see this! I can see why you keep going back–it’s an awesome exhibit! I loved how large all the sculptures are and they are so pretty at night!

  3. says

    Hands down this looks like the best and most creative botanical garden I have ever heard of. Your photos of the artwork are absolutely stunning. I will definitely have to make a stop here if I’m driving through Arizona

  4. Linda Covey says

    I visited the Gardens yesterday but did not get the names of all the glass pieces and I haven’t been able to find a directory/pic so I can I.D. all my photos. That would be very nice to have. Thanks. Linda

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